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Lock up the Children | Technology, Anxieties & Regulation

History has told us that as every new technology emerges so does another anxiety. From the development of publishing and the idea that citizens will read and not work, to television stopping children from playing outside, anxiety towards technology is … Continue reading

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Multinational Corporations and Global Production

Media and cultural studies built largely on theories from the US and UK broadcast model are entering a stage of transition where a complex mediascape of vigorous changes and uneven context of local, national, transnational and regional media environments vary … Continue reading

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    Journalism has entered a stage of transition. This transition is part of the natural evolution much like the cassette tape to CD and radio to television. The once start up site BuzzFeed has become one of the most … Continue reading

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A ‘like’ will not cure cancer and does not make you an activist

As consistent social media participants we are regularly bombarded with social activism through these platforms. Social networking has adapted since its development allowing for social activism to take place, where technology is now driving change. The ability to connect on … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet – The success of the microblogging platform

Before I began my degree at the University of Wollongong I knew nothing about the microblogging site. I initially thought that it was just a whole bunch of “OMG, LOL and WTF’s” however now looking into the platform, it is … Continue reading

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Then and Now – The Beatle’s vs One Direction

Henry Jenkins (2010) refers fandom to the social structures and cultural practices created by the most passionately engaged consumers of mass media properties [insert young girl crying at the sight of prepubescent pop star]. I have found it extremely difficult … Continue reading

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Mans best friend

Whilst you’re reading this I have no doubt that you are clutching your mobile phone or have it within arms length, and if you don’t you’re now thinking about where you left it. Over the past decade technology has taken … Continue reading

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