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The West and the Rest | Stereotypes in Pop Culture

Karen Smith famously said “So if you’re from Africa why are you white?”, contributing to the growing debate surrounding stereotypes in popular culture. This famous Mean Girls quote was surprisingly my first thought whilst watching novelist Chimamanda Adichie tell her … Continue reading

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Our addiction to the myth | The media and the public sphere

Going into my third year at university I’ve written my fair share of posts on the Public Sphere. Lecturers reiterate the notion of coffee houses and an idealised public that is egalitarian and an open place where everyone has a … Continue reading

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Console Cowboys | The Representation of Hackers in the Media

Trending on from the net culture of the 90s was an outbreak of exploratory sub-cultures, leading to the development of online communities, often idealists, even hippy in nature. Hacking emerged as an online community creating an ethos of individual empowerment … Continue reading

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