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The West and the Rest | Stereotypes in Pop Culture

Karen Smith famously said “So if you’re from Africa why are you white?”, contributing to the growing debate surrounding stereotypes in popular culture. This famous Mean Girls quote was surprisingly my first thought whilst watching novelist Chimamanda Adichie tell her … Continue reading

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Play Nicely | The Great Gaming Debate

A ‘game’ is a term we are all familiarly with, we grew up playing them, usually involving friends, sports and fun connotations. ‘Gaming’ on the other hand, draws upon characteristics of violence, a subculture ruled by the introverted and represented by … Continue reading

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  As a communications and media student I often find myself spotting the odd use of technology, commonly on trains when people think it’s okay to blast their music when you are sitting right next to them. One that particularly … Continue reading

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How young is too young?

In recent research into the role the media plays in conveying the issue of body image in children, I was constantly drawn to websites and articles mentioning the ‘sexualisation of children’ in magazines and Reality Television, to name a few. … Continue reading

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