Aesthetic Journalism and the creative city

Art is transforming modern day news consumption. We are seeing different forms of media interact, transforming cities into creative hubs. These collaborations create an immersive physical experience were the audience is immediately transported into a state of nostalgia.

“Aesthetic journalism conveys other forms of interpretations of the world, distinct from that of art and traditional journalism” – Alfredo Cramerotti

A production of truth deferring from the mainstream is shown in Banksy’s art installation in the Lower East Side in 2013. The politically charged work featured a 1800-number to a recording of a 39 minute US Airstrike in 2007 that killed two children and a Rauters journalist (Evans 2013). Camerotti (2009) explains the use of precise aesthetics by means of graphic display of information provides a sense of witnessing an unmediated account. Furthermore by creating a journalistic narrative through art, Banksy was able to by-pass traditional gatekeeping methods enforced upon mainstream journalists.

“Aesthetics is the capacity of an art form to put our sensibility in motion, and covert what we feel about nature and the human race into a concrete (visual, oral or bodily) experience” – Alfredo Cramerotti

Banksy’s work reiterates the notion of transmedia storytelling, a concept introduced early in my media and communicaitons degree. Bankys’ project began on the website then moved onto his canvas of New York City buildings. The installation called Crazy Hourse Riding Through the Lower East Side, made audience members feeling like they were in a call of duty game, however once the 1800 number was called attitudes changed and reality set in.

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Cramerotti, A, 2009, “What is Aesthetic Journalism,” in Cramerotti, Alfredo,
Aesthetic Journalism: How to Inform Without Informing, Intellect Ltd, London

Evans, B 2013, Banksy gets political in New York: Artist creates image of armed megun sights, horses wearing night vision goggles and a free phone number to hear audio of airstrike, Daily Mail, 10 Oct, viewed 12/04/2014,

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