The Great Debate

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Generation Y grew up surrounded by rapid new innovations and adaptations to technology. There was always (and still is) a competition to who has the latest technology. For every birthday and Christmas present people were asking for upgrades to their mobile phones, a new laptop or MP3. I feel as if it was always a constant battle to keep up with the latest technology and trends. As soon as a new innovative phone hit the market another bigger and better one was being produced. This battle is quite like the battle between Apple and Android.

Today in 2013, there are two operating systems that dominate the market, Android and Apple. No matter whom you talk to some swear by Apple and others swear by Android. To get more information on this constant battle I took to Google (how ironic considering this is part of the Android operating system). My Google search on Android vs. Apple spat out 23,600 results in 0.45 seconds, and what I found were a contemplation of interesting facts. A Parasoft SOAtest automates web application testing, message/protocol testing, could testing and security testing (Preethi 2012), giving me a list of top 10 facts of the juxtaposing operating systems.

  1. Apple’s storage system proves to dominate the weaker Android system, as it doesn’t support memory card storage.

  2. Surveys indicated that Apple users are more likely to pay for an App, as only 1 in 5 Android users will pay for apps.

  3. Android outsells Apple in one out of 6 US states.

  4. Android is a mans phone…( I am skeptical about this claim)

  5. Advertisers are more interested in Android as it is a Google based phone and they’re stellar with ads.

  6. You have more handset options with Android. This is the open verse closed debate.

  7. Apple fans are slightly more brand loyal.

  8. The variety in the iTunes store may lead people to opt for Apple.

  9. Android has gained 75% of the global market. It is estimated that there are 1 billion devices in use and 1 million activations per day.

  10. Apples new i0s 7 will increase the competition and innovation of the Android system. In other words, this competition is healthy as it allows for quicker and smarter technological innovations in the mobile phone market.

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The logic of the argument is whether the user prefers open or closed systems. It is the centralised system Apple verses the decentralised system Android. Android has allowed the user to relinquish control for their own device and that is how they have succeeded so quickly, whilst Apple keeps a close eye on their users.

This is a relentless battle form which I can see no end in the near future. Android may dominate the market today but it could be a different story tomorrow?


Preethi, K G 2012, 10  Facts about Android Vs. Apple, Tech Freaks, accessed 18/10/2013,


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2 Responses to The Great Debate

  1. Luke Mac says:

    Fantastic blog! Those top 10 facts are really interesting. I defiantly agree with many of those statements. Apple fans are very brand loyal. I myself are one of those brand loyalists. I have the Macbook, iPhone and have no inclination to switch. I am happy to operate with a closed system. The ease and functionality of the iPhone is what initially drew me in to the iPhone phenomena. After having 2 Android phones before that, the full access to the Google Play store caused me a lot of issues. Bad apps that used to close my phone (essentially downloading bugs and viruses) for my phone without me knowing. I love that the App Store is highly regulated and has protection against ‘wannabe’ app creators that ultimately put many phone users at risk.

  2. chjvu says:

    It is very interesting to assess your facts, as you can totally see these facts represent the advantageous attributes of each system. For example, Android’s users are less likely to pay for apps (because they are meant to be free).

    However, in my opinion, the fact that the variety on Itunes store is the reason why users are apple-loyal is short-lived, because Android is younger and building up day by day. Variety, in future, will become Android’s strength because of the diverse niches that the system aggregates in opposition to the hit-driven model of Apple.

    Plus, How does the Apple operating system support memory cards? Is this the external memory card or the built-in memory card, which does not allow user customisation, that you are referring to?

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