Our lives are now digital and technology is wearable

Trends and technological innovations enable a phone to be in fashion one week and out the next. The tangible product we call a book is being replaced by an electronic gadget the size of our palm. We assume that old media are dying off however printed words did not kill spoken words. Cinema did not kill theatre. Television did not kill radio – Jenkins 2006. They were forced to live in peace together leading to innovative adaptions of original technologies.

Time, an analog technology, traditionally told by the sun and adapted to a wearable wrist watch. This technology is still around today, however often one will check their mobile phone for the time rather than look at their wrist. We have become creatures of habit. The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwacth has been describe as fashion meets technology, a designer’s dream, making geek even more chic than ever before (Manger 2013). It does everything from showing you the weather, sending a text message and scratching your back (figuratively). Running off an Andriod operating system it features a 1.63-inch touchscreen, 1.9-megapixel camera and can hold up to 70+ Apps.


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Google’s new addition to the proliferation of convergent technologies is dubbed Google Glasses. The advertisement featured here emphasises your ability to live your life hands free, go skydiving, running along the beach, ride your bike through the bustling traffic of NY, whilst calling, videoing, texting and searching the web. To be honest, this technology has not sold me, I get enough embarrassment getting caught singing to myself in the car and could imagine the shame of talking to glasses on my head. “Okay Glass, Google strange rash, upper leg?”. I’m sure the person sitting next to you on the train does not want to hear that!


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These technologies are literally taking over our body and our life.

Is your phone attached to your hand. Could you see yourself sporting the Google Glasses or something similar. Let me know your thoughts and comment below.


Jenkins, H 2006, Introduction: Worship at the Altar of Convergence – A New Paradigm for Understanding Media Change, Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide, pp1-25, New York University Pess, New York

Manger, W 2013, Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, Google Glasses and more tech we could soon be wearing, Mirror News, accessed 07/09/2013, http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology-science/technology/samsung-galaxy-gear-smartwatch-google-2254869

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11 Responses to Our lives are now digital and technology is wearable

  1. Ash says:

    well if i can compare the acceptance of Google glass in public situations with the way a bluetooth earpiece works for a phone call then I’m not sold. A convergent technological device like Google Glass will undoubtedly make engagement with multiple online practices an even easier process than what our phones do for us now but I feel that when technologies spark responses that can be deemed as interruptive in public (people walking around, bluetooth earpiece attached, waving arms frantically) then I have no interest in making my engagement with content/phone calls such a spectacle. I think that once introduced into the market it will be a product predominately for tech tech heads, hardly the average joe that travels to work on the train. I think that if it is a technology that catches on to the majority of the public, it will be many years until it does.

  2. Hey! I dont know about google glasses! They seem too far in the future for me to imagine using them myself. Saying this – I’m sure that one day they may become something like an iPhone which everyone has and becomes a necessity. Thinking that before mobiles people never used them either.

  3. Fantastic point about how as technology evolves, it becomes ever similar to our anatomy. This is a great illustration of convergence, that it is multi-faceted. The main concern of convergence is not technology and the heights it can reach, but its interaction with our human qualities. Playing on your metaphor, it can be said that we can see and hear more (meaning information) thanks to the abilities of the internet. Technology seems to be extending our senses and ability to process them.

  4. Laura says:

    I’m hoping this is supposed to be a digc202 post as we have covered convergence this week? Or perhaps a strange coincidence that uni subjects operate to similar schedules :).
    The idea of Google glasses and even the Samsung wristwatch freak me out, quite frankly. Not only will they be able to google for you they will also be able to track your every whereabouts! I don’t want something being able to track me 24/7. I know how paranoid this sounds but I really enjoy not being accountable or reachable every single moment of the day. It’s a privacy invasion and also means that the data of your daily routines, emotions and actions can be sold to companies that will then tailor their products to better meet your needs (maybe that would be nice but sounds like we’ll be ‘spoon-fed’, no?). We are losing individualism and the ability to make decisions for ourselves largely because of our heavy reliance on interconnectedness. This article by Policymic suggests how the Google glasses will be an invasion of privacy: http://www.policymic.com/articles/29585/3-new-ways-google-glass-invades-your-privacy. I love innovation but I’m definitely wary of the abilities of such new technologies.

    • nicolasalter says:

      Yeah sorry about that it was for DIGC202 I must have clicked on the wrong category whoops. Tracking mobile phones already freak me out.. could you imagine, “Glass, google who is tracking me”, how ironic.

  5. This post highlights absolutely how ridiculous technology is becoming. I am all for media convergence and technological advancements, but think of how people might use this! Already the use of mobile phone’s are a major factor in road accidents (http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/roadrules/mobilefaqs.html) Imagine if people were using google glasses whilst driving! The problem with technology is that the law drags behind. I am not comfortable with these technologies being released until the law is given a chance to look at it first.

    • nicolasalter says:

      That’s a really good observation. Would I be illegal to drive with them on or could they be classified as a hands free device? I personally think they’d be very distracting.

  6. Kristina Zunic says:

    My biggest question in regards to wearable technology is who will actually wear it? I understand that we’re a society that follows trends, and it’s obviously Google and Samsung are trying to create a trend here, but I’m praying that they don’t catch on otherwise it’s going to be considered normal walking around yelling things like “Google Glass take a photo” – and that just creeps me out.

  7. When I heard about Google Glass I related it to Futurama’s EyePhone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XOr6RVjdFc as for popularity and use for the average Joe I would guess Google Glass would come down to marketing and advertising – maybe the halt of smartphone production to ensure sales, but that can’t happen right!? I see Google Glass as just a stepping stone to another big idea for consumer production. There are numerous challenges facing wearable technology, Google Glass isn’t without its fair share – highlighted on News.cnet http://cnet.co/12pgykc Google Glass gives everyone the ability to give a point of view of what is going on in everyone’s day to day lives. It seems to be the combination of CCTV and a smartphone – personalized and advertised for the public, to be used by the public but for corporations and government agencies to have more control over the public.

  8. I feel as though our mobile phones do all of the above already, and that the only difference is that our mobile phones provide more privacy, especially if you have to talk out loud to interact with the glasses. It’s such an interesting concept and I agree that i’m not sold on the idea, but it is only a matter of time before some quirky and sci-fi technology makes its way into become so a part of our lives that it becomes an extension of ourselves. The thought of a product being able to do absolutely anything and everything for us without any effort on our part is a product that i’m sure many people would enjoy, and if the media claims it is going to be the next big thing, people will begin to think that.

  9. I didn’t know about the Android watches that were being brought out, so it was really cool to learn about that. I know for a fact that I’ll always check my phone before anything else when checking the time, but it just seems so crazy that our technology now contains so many different apps, a camera etc… If I’m wearing a watch to check the time, what do I need a camera for? And in saying that, is knowing the time even the primary function of a watch these days? Perhaps I’m a little out of the digital loop.

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