Public and Private media spaces – Where do they begin and end?

The public domain of the 21st century is no longer defined simply by material structures such as streets and plazas. But nor is it defined solely by the virtual space of electronic media. Rather the public domain now emerges in the complex interaction of material and immaterial spaces – Scott McQuire

In society today we tend to lead two separate lives, one online and the other offline. There is a common misconception by many who assume content online will not be used offline. This is most common on Social networking sites where the ramifications of what one says online (in what many perceive as a private space) can be held against them and made public. In fact anything posted by an individual on Facebook can be accessed. In other words nothing in society today is private. To read further into our dissemination of privacy follow this link here.

For me there are multiple BIG social media NO NO’s which I’d like to point out. Relationship status. Lets be honest you don’t want your creepy great aunt who lives in England stalking  your boyfriends profile. Weird. Oh and don’t get me started about the politics surrounding a break up. Lets just say it get really ugly. And what about the drunkin Friday night tweet, which is unfortunately accompanied by an even more attractive drunkin photo of you. Yes we all delete these post the next morning, but most of us do forget that once it is out there on the internet it will never be removed and things we post on the internet now can hurt us in the future.

The reason I am getting to this point is that society is still yet to understand the consequences of consuming and generating media content in private and public ramifications. This is especially prominent in young adults whos lives are dedicated  online and are not yet educated of its dangers. More can be read on the public availability of our private content here.

So from what I discussed previously we can determine that material places such as plazas and cities are public, immaterial virtual reality, second life and social media are public places. Then what do we define as a private space. Your home would be the obvious answer. However if we are constantly using media such as social networking at home, and the frightening cases of using your phone on the toilet, I will ask the question again, what is a private space in todays society?


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