Virtual friendships ‘Like’

The Internet has no boundaries and it has revolutionised the way we communicate. Castells raises an interesting point and one society often tries to ignore, it is that networks are becoming the forefront of social practice, taking over and controlling our social life. Our generation has grown up accustomed to this lifestyle so it is hard for me to argue and understand anything different. By all means if I was able to abandon the Internet for a week I would. However in society today this would just be impossible as the Internet is embedded in our daily lives and I’m sure I would be diagnosed with the social disorder named the fear of missing out. The fear that I may not know what my friend ate for lunch because I didn’t see their Instagram post or the fear that I missed the change of relationship status of a Facebook friend who I meet 5 years ago for a whole 5 minutes.

Networks have permeate all domains of social life and Sherry Turkle’s Ted Talk , Connected But Alone, suggests that there is a dependency in technology which has lead to the demise of conversation and social interaction. Networks have structured globalisation in such as way that we now find companionship in technology and society has redefined the term friendship, which is now virtual and defined by a friend request.

Castells, Manuel. “Afterword: Why networks matter.” Demos Collection (2004): 219-225.


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3 Responses to Virtual friendships ‘Like’

  1. sineadryan13 says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog as I think a lot of us are in the same boat when it comes to not really knowing a life where the internet or technology does not play a huge role. I also agree with the point you raised about people becoming dependent on technology, I cant remember the last time I went out to dinner or coffee with friends where no one was on Facebook or sitting there on their phone. It feels like people have in a sense lost the ability to comfortably have a conversation with another person face to face and we tend to rely on our phones and the internet as a safe place when we are in uncomfortable situations.

    Great post. 🙂

  2. pakkaponow says:

    I’m agree with you that network have taking over and controlling our social life. I have to check my social media everyday in order to find out what my friends is doing. Great video, it’s explain really well of why people like to use social media, why people like texting, it is because we can control what we doing. We can delete what we don’t like or add something more before sending that message.

  3. meggeer says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post because I see in myself in a lot of what you have written. There are many times that I have been too busy to catch up personally with friends and therefore I simply log onto Facebook and like something that they have posted in an effort to stay connected with them without actually getting off my butt. Unfortunately, like you say it is at the demise of conversation and physical social interaction My brother would prefer to spend his Saturday night playing Battlefield online then going to the pub with his mates. I believe the connectedness that technology provides really does impact our physical interactions but it does open doors for other forms of social interaction.

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