In today’s terms, remixing combined with convergent technologies, has allowed anonymous, unknown artists to become major success stories over night. Take Justin Beiber. The basic principles of remixing as noted in Kirby Ferguson’s documentary ‘Everything Thing is a Remix’, “copy, transform and combine”, have been successfully used by the ‘bedroom artists’, who take original material and manipulate it, to create something entirely new.

David Guetta is the most successful example of a ‘bedroom artists’ who is now a household name in several countries. A recent interview on the Today FM radio station saw Guetta answer personal questions regarding his inspiration and the advice he would give to emerging artists. “Listen to your old music and create something futuristic”, this quote by Guetta reiterates the notion stated by (Ferguson 2012), that “creation requires influence”.

We must also consider the role of convergent media, which has allowed these artists to upload and share their content freely. None of this could be possible if it wasn’t for music editing software such as Virtual DJ and innovative Internet sites such as Soundcloud and YouTube.

Finally I would like to leave you with my favorite cover for this week! Check it out……


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Nicola. 21. UOW Graduate
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