Transmedia Storytelling

A novel, becomes a movie, a sequel, a video game, a television series, merchandise, and so on. This is known as transmedia storytelling.

With the convergence of new media we are seeing a birth of transmedia narratives, affecting the way we both consume and prosume. The dynamic content flow across multiple channels allows the  products of niche markets to become global successes. In the technological advancement of generation Y we have see the technique of transmedia storytelling transform, manipulate and mutate, from the telling of stories on one media platform, into the development of stories over multiple forms of media to deliver unique content over multiple channels.  Think Disney.

As children, we have watched our childhood stories begin as simple picture books and transform across multiple platforms, endorsing video games, audio books, films, merchandise, even theme parks. A recent Disney phenomenon is the High School musical franchise, which branches out over multiple channels, enabling multiple entry points. Entry points to the channels have become digitally enhanced, with marketing teams focusing on social media and user generated content (fan fiction), to further engage obsessed teens.  The concepts of hybridisation and cross culturalistion have further engaged oriental cultures adopting the franchise and mutating it to suit their own culture. Take Chinas remake of the film. The ironic element to the remake challenges the concept of cultural imperialism. Is the Chinese remake better then its counterpart? Can America do it better? Well you may just have to find out!

Overall, Transmedia storytelling allows extensive audience participation, which introduces potential plots which cannot be told through the initial story line. As the audience, we are actively participating in our own story emphasised through fan fiction, as we attempt to fill in the gaps.

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Nicola. 21. UOW Graduate
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