Reality Television and the rise of the ‘Prostitot’


Reality television is increasingly popular in society today and is beginning a downward spiral, sending negative messages on the issue of  body image. The media are as much to blame as the parents and television companies promoting these controversial shows.

The children are named by the by the media as prostitots. If you are not familiar with the term it refers to the children who are exploited by their parents and the media and ‘sexualised’ to the point were they resemble prostitutes. The show I am referring to is Toddlers and Tiaras were children look and act provocatively and inappropriately for their age. Therefore conflicting messages are being sent to the young children who are watching and participating. This style of reality television is one of the reasons we have pedophiles. It is freely published soft porn.  It’s available to them as soon as they type ‘sexy child star’ into their search engine.

A recent stunt in 2011 saw the infamous child star Eden Wood form Toddlers and Tiaras, travel to Australia promoting pageants in Sydney and Melbourne. She appeared on the Sunrise television show which led to major public outcry as those who chose not to see the show, were now forced to watch it whilst eating their breakfast. Backlash from angry parents saw protests arising in both cities, which led to the pageant event in Melbourne, cancelled! WHAT, no pageants? Where else am I going to show off my fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan! Did I mention it’s all fake?

The media have gone GAGA and grabbed a hold of the over the top, over glamorized and exaggerate show, creating parodies, airing on Sunrise (yes, this is where they initially supported pageants), with many believing they should ‘pull the pin’ on pageants. Politicians are not happy either as Trent McCarthy a Melbourne politician, ads, “This is an American fad that promotes the sexualisaiton of children” he said. “It’s sending the wrong message to young girls”.

The controversy has been stepped up a notch recently as People magazine  posted an article emphasising the fact that the pageant industry is now being accused of ‘sexualising’ the youth. Footage of 3 and 4 year-olds mimicking the likes of Dolly Patron and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman clearly emphasise that the industry has gone ‘too far’. I must make clear however, that it is not the children’s fault as they do not know right from wrong. It is the parent’s fault as they expose their child’s fragile mind to sexualised, adult content. If the regulations of the industry are not changed and the content of media not regulated, will they ever learn right from wrong?

The content distributed to our children must be mediated or removed entirely. The children who watch this show are sent mixed messages. Instead of people telling children they are beautiful, they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars changing them to become beautiful. The health of our future generation is at stake!

This is child abuse and we are watching it from our lounge rooms!

About Nicola Salter

Nicola. 21. UOW Graduate
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