World War Three

For the technologically literate, the terms Apple and Android are extremely common and are known to spark constant debate. However for generation Y, the distinction between these two platforms was yet to be heard of until 3:30 on 19/03/2012 (in the Bcm112 lecture). The restlessness throughout the lecture perplexed me, until I realised that many of the IPhone users were not technologically informed about the product at all, but were rather followers of the ‘locked’ appliance. The common notion of, ‘if everyone else is doing it, why should I’, can easily be observed in the context of teenagers and an IPhone. For Android users such as myself, the information on Apples ‘walled garden’ was no shock. With the recent purchase of an Android, I was struck by the information I acquired which proved that Android trumped Apple. Much to my peer’s consternation.

An informative question was raised on the topic related to user involvement and content. Mitew explains, “The big questions is, what sort of access should users be allowed to have?” Thus, when considering the Evan Williams presentation, he informs us that, “Twitter was originally designed as a broadcast medium, where sharing was invented by the user”. If this is the case, why should society be ‘locked in’ to an appliance such as Apple?  When we have the option to convert to the generative platform such as Android. Which provides ubiquitous connectivity and hands total control over to the user. A shown through the presentation by Williams, sheer success can arise from an open platform, which leads me to question the future success of the IPhone and the company Apple, as figures show that there are over 40 phones on the android platform verse Apples 2, IPhone 4 and 4s. Clearly a one sided battle.

The ‘conflict’ continues between Apple and Android as the late Steve Jobs debated the success of Android as it is a platform which is given away for free. Jobs further praised the success of Apple for its “convergence of three platforms” as stated in his 2007 IPhone announcement speech. This is juxtaposed to Androids philosophy which circumvents Apples success due it its locked appliances and praises itself  for allowing users to ‘root’ their generative appliances, allowing the user total control.

I believe the war between Apple and Android will continue until we see a new platform in mobile technology emerge, challenging the content of its rivals, ultimately resulting in World War 4.

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Nicola. 21. UOW Graduate
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